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Another common issue when it comes to gluten free baking is the bread (or cake) turning out gummy.

I for one, can barely make gluten filled bread and cakes. The few times I have attempted gluten free baking, it has been interesting to say the least! My bread turns out gummy and my cakes never appear to be fully cooked, but end up over cooked in taste. I just want to know why?!

There are a couple things that can cause this - flour being one of them!
We have spent 7 years developing our flour and we believe that it is the reason our baking doesn’t turn out gummy! We have a blend of a bunch of different starches allowing them to mingle together and make the most wonderful, airy, treats! We firmly believe that without quality ingredients you will have a harder time making quality desserts and so we strive to make sure our products are quality start to finish!



Okay but remember I am skilled at ruining baking - is there more ways I can mess it up even if I have amazing flour?


Under mixing is a big issue in gluten free baking, despite everything that typical bread recipes tell you, if you’re making gluten free bread you need to make sure that your dough gets mixed thoroughly. This will help activate all the ingredients and incorporate them together nicely. Not enough air, and mixing means that all the heavy ingredients are “stuck” together and aren’t able to allow for the air/heat to get in there, creating the gummy texture we all dislike.

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