Our top 10 goodies for when you can't choose!

“Whats your favourite goodie in the store”

All of our barista’s hear this question on a daily basis. We love it! We love being able to give our opinion and share our stories about why one thing stands out a little extra to us, but we thought we could give you a little head start and give you a top 10 on our blog!
This list will have a mix of vegan and non-vegan options because they are all equally amazing!

  1. Vegan Mocha Cupcake

Why wouldn’t you want a drink in cake form? The icing has espresso in it, the chocolate cake has some espresso in it. It's one way we can have our coffee and eat it too!

  1. Cheesecake Cup

Did someone say cheesecake?? Our baker knows the staff so well that when she makes some for the case, she makes a small stash for the staff as well. Fruit,or chocolate? We don’t care, put it in a cheesecake and we are happy as can be!

  1. Vegan Raspberry Oat Bar

Need something light and yummy? Our fruit oat bars are the way to go! Raspberry is a favourite around here, because….raspberries! But you really can’t go wrong with apple, or peach or even blueberry oat bars.

  1. Vegan Nanaimo Bar

Now it may not be like the traditional nanaimo bar, but the three layers of deliciousness that make up our nanaimo bar has definitely found a spot deep in our hearts (and stomachs). From the crunchy base, the chocolate pudding middle and the smooth chocolate top - you’re sure to enjoy quite the experience!

  1. Vegan Confetti Square

Who doesn’t like marshmallows?! Add some wowbutter, ricecrispies, some sprinkles and lots of chocolate. With this square we have found the perfect way to your heart - through your sweet tooth!

5. Oat FudgeBar and S’mores Oat Fudge Bar
I don’t even think I need to tell you guys why these made our list! We sell out of these goodies on the daily. They are the perfect balance of chewy, sweet and oat-y, the marshmallows on the s’mores one just adds to the delicious balance of flavours.
4. S’mores Cookie

    A staff favourite. We often find staff members pulling frozen s’mores cookie pucks out of the freezer and baking themselves one. The chewy consistency of baked marshmallows with the softness that the butter and melted chocolate bring, just creates a delicious little party in your mouth! Actually Imma go make myself one right now!

    1. Fudge Brownie and Vegan Fudge Brownie

    Who can say no to a brownie?! Chocolate-y and chewy. Soft and moist (sorry but how else do you describe cake?!). Melt in your mouth goodness. The argument isn’t about if they’re good but which one is better? The staff are pretty split when it comes to the vegan or non-vegan version of these goodies!

    1. Vegan Espresso Brownie

    Espresso, chocolate and sugar oh my! Some of my personal favourite things combined to make  one deliciously decadent dessert!

    1. Banana Brownie with Cream Cheese Icing

    This is one treat we can’t even keep stocked in the freezer! If you like banana bread, chocolate and cream cheese - you will go bananas for this treat (insert pity laugh)! Frozen or slightly warmed up this treat is one of the best going.

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