The Who, Why, What, and How at SaraBella's

“Wait, the owner isn’t gluten free?!?” is a question we get often at the store.

No, Katherine isn’t gluten free, or vegan, or dairy free (well that's debatable but she says she isn’t but will still get an upset stomach if she has too much dairy….).

“Well then why start a gluten free cafe, with lots of options for restricted diets?” 

Katherine has always loved feeding people. Ask any of us staff members and we will tell you that we all roll away from staff parties because Kat has made enough food to feed a small army. So when some of her friends expressed how much they didn’t like the food options available to them (words like cardboard, and bland were used quite a lot) she decided that she should try to do it better! The now small town famous, SaraBella’s brownies were Katherine’s first successful treat, and things kind of just kept happening as Kat kept experimenting. Then SaraBella’s was born.

Now, this didn’t just happen overnight, Kat spent 7 years getting the flour mixture just so, she spent many hours in the kitchen making things and having them not turn out. If you ask her how long it took for her to get the bread right, she will laugh and say “oh goodness, I don’t know. I stopped counting the amount of solid bricks that I made. Honestly I probably could have made a wall out of all my failed attempts.” 

She has gone out and tasted a bunch of gluten free options, and decided that it should be better, she hasn’t been happy with her products until she can feed it to her dad and have him question whether it is actually gluten free or if she is just tricking him. Katherine has taken great pride in making her gluten free options taste just as good (if not better) than the gluten full version of the product.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions about who we are and how we came to be. We hope to use this blog, our social media platforms, and our store to help you on your gluten free food journey and hopefully help you avoid the massive amount of “bricks” it took Katherine to get here! As always, if you have any questions you would like us to answer - please reach out!

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