Welcoming 2022 With a Bang!

A new year, a new SaraBella's. A lot has changed since we last posted, including a new build and a big move. We've packed up from our Young Street location with heavy hearts and hopeful dreams, and we're just about to unpack at Harvard Place; there are just a few more loose ends to tie up before we're ready to welcome our faithful customers into our new space.

The most exciting change that you'll notice when you first walk in is that we have dine-in service again! It's been a long time since we've enjoyed the chatter of happy customers at our tables, and we're almost as excited about it as you are. Of course, we are following distancing protocols to keep everyone safe, and we still require face masks to be worn when not seated at a table. We are not required by law to check vaccine passports, so everyone is welcome as long as you are respectful of others and follow the provincial guidelines.

In other news, our loyalty punch-pass system has received a facelift! We've updated to a digital loyalty program that's fantastically easy to use; plus you can earn, save, and redeem points for more than just free drinks. Now you have the option to use your points at a low level for things like a free drink or treat, or you can save up for something big - frozen pizzas, cookie packs, or our lovely "and it's vegan, so suck it" t-shirts. Simply scan the QR code by the till to create an account, then every following visit make sure that we scan your personal bar code.

We've also been developing new ideas across the board. You can look forward to brand new drinks, sandwiches, and bake case treats this year, and more mixes and retail items than ever seen before. We would love to hear any brilliant ideas our customers may have as well... what do you want to see in store in 2022?

To keep up with us, follow us on Instagram or Facebook where we post regular updates - that's where we'll let you know when the doors are open! I'll even let you in on a little secret: we're giving a bonus gift for the first customers to walk through our new doors. Just make sure you catch the details on social media, and you can be one of the lucky early birds!


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