Hot Drinks

Brewed Coffee

a simple classic, available in dark, medium, or decaf, locally roasted


smooth, bold espresso with velvety smooth steamed milk and just a touch of foam


rich espresso and hot water, a dark coffee with a flavour different from brewed coffee

Hot Chocolate

white, milk or dark chocolate blended with steamed milk and topped with toasted marshmallows

London Fog

earl grey tea, steamed milk, and a splash of vanilla

Chilliwack Fog

chai indienne tea, steamed milk, and just a hint of salted caramel

Tea Latte

your choice of loose-leaf tea with steamed milk

Hot Tea

your choice of freshly brewed loose-leaf tea


rich espresso, steamed milk, with your choice of white, milk, or dark creamy chocolate topped with whipped cream


rich, bold espresso with velvety smooth steamed milk and a healthy dose of foam


a single or double shot of our rich, dark espresso

Espresso Macchiato

a single or double shot of our rich, dark espresso topped with a spoonful of creamy foam

Espresso Con Panna

a single or double shot of our rich, dark espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream

Apple Cider

a perfect blend of sweet and spicy apple goodness

Cold Drinks


a sweet, tart lemonade, served on ice or blended

Mocha Frappe

rich espresso and milk with your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate blended with ice

Drinks On Ice

all our hot drinks except cappuccinos and apple cider can be served on ice or blended

Caramel Chill

espresso, milk, creamy caramel, and a touch of maple, blended – basically an iced cappuccino but better

Latte Frappe

smooth, bold espresso and milk blended with ice

Chocolate Frappe

white, milk or dark chocolate and milk blended with ice


available in several delicious 100% fruit filled flavours sweetened with fruit, not sugar


Chicken Pesto Panini

grilled chicken and veggies with basil pesto, avocado aioli and goat cheese grilled to perfection

Roast Beef Melt

roast beef, tomato, onion, and provolone grilled to perfection

BLT Sandwich

a simple classic with bacon, lettuce, and tomato

Turkey Bacon Ranch

turkey, bacon, ranch, tomato, lettuce, and monterey jack

Bacon Guacamole Panini

bacon, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese, and crumbled tortilla chips grilled to perfection

Greek Vegan

grilled zucchini, hummus, tomato, cucumber, and onion

Vegan Curry Chickpea Sandwich

chickpea salad with onion, celery, and curry on toast with lettuce and tomato


Simple Kale Salad

kale, tomato, cucumber, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette

Vegan Fiesta Salad

fresh chopped romaine with tomato, corn, cucumber, avocado, crispy chickpeas, red onion, and sunflower seeds, tossed with a zesty cilantro lime dressing

Southwest Salad

lettuce, tomato, corn, beans, red pepper, avocado, cheese, and chicken, tossed with our southwest dressing


Southwestern Roasted Corn

Southwestern Roasted Corn

plump kernels of fire-roasted corn are simmered with potato, onion, green chilies, roasted red bell pepper and black beans in a cilantro-laced vegetarian broth spiked with flavours of the Southwest

House Made Vegan Soups

Vegan Soups

selection varies daily

Chicken Creole Gumbo

a Louisiana-style gumbo made with diced tomatoes, okra, chicken, green peppers and rice, seasoned garlic

Broccoli Cheddar

Broccoli and Cheese

a rich soup made with chunks of broccoli, fresh cream and a smooth blend of velvety cheese

Soup Selection Varies Daily



brownies, lemon bars and more, selection varies


chocolate, vanilla, and specialties, selection varies


banana, lemon and more, selection varies

Cakes – Special Order Only

chocolate, vanilla, and so much more!


chewy, sweet, just like mom used to make, selection varies

Mixing Things Up

we rotate our selection weekly so there’s always something new and exciting to try


corn chips, cheddar + mozzarella cheese,
green onions, peppers, jalapeños,
olives, tomatoes

available in 1/2 and full sizes



from the simple classics to the complex flavours of creativity, there’s a scone for everyone

Crustless Quiche

fluffy eggs baked with bacon, veggies, and cheese – vegetarian option available


blueberry, carrot, cranberry and more, selection varies

Vegan Waffles – available until 10am

plain waffle, mixed berry waffle, mocha waffle, and hearty breakfast waffle

Baking Mixes – Coming Soon

All-Purpose Flour Mix *Available Now!*

the same all-purpose flour mix we use in all our baked goods – made from a blend of quality, gluten free flours

Pancake Mix *Coming Soon*

make delicious, fluffy gluten free pancakes at home quickly and easily

Brownie Mix *Coming Soon*

rich, chocolatey goodness fresh from your oven

Cookie Mix *Coming Soon*

make the same cookies we serve at home with this cookie mix

Muffin Mix *Coming Soon*

you can make some of your SaraBella’s favourites at home!