About Us

have a passion for affordable yet delicious food and fresh, locally roasted coffee. In 2011, I became close friends with someone who suffered from Celiac disease. I was inspired to start experimenting with gluten free flours and baking to try to make his life a bit easier.

As requests grew for my “just as good as the regular stuff” baking, it became apparent that I should take it a bit further. And thus, SaraBella’s Gluten Free Café was born!

As someone who can eat gluten, my taste buds haven’t acclimated to the cardboard that is most gluten free food. If it doesn’t taste like the regular, gluten filled version, I won’t serve it to you.

Locally Sourced

SaraBella’s believes in supporting other local businesses. That’s why we source as many of our ingredients as we can from local suppliers.

Made Fresh Everyday

Fresh is best. We bake all our products in-house daily so you get the freshest product possible.


Stop by and say hello!

15-8465 Harvard Place
British Columbia, Canada

Tues - Sat: 9am - 4pm
Sun - Mon: Closed

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